Investment in Bedlington will provide new opportunities for residents and visitors alike. It will bring the town to life through a regenerated and lively town centre, and provide jobs for the local community. Increased housing provision through private investment which will also bring a larger demographic to the area.

As the population of the area grows, there is a need to continue to improve facilities in the town to meet the needs of local residents and reduce travel time to foodstores, other shops and services. The proposed developments will result in a range of benefits for the local area. They will:

  • Significantly boost the local economy, creating new jobs across developments, as well as employment in construction and trade services.
  • Enhance the retail and leisure offer available to residents of Bedlington
  • Reduce the need for local people to travel further afield to do their main food shopping
  • Give residents a greater choice in non-food shopping
  • Generate trade for existing shops and services within the Town Centre
  • Bring in a new pub/restaurant to Bedlington.